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- Capri's Treasures -



The Magic and Flavours of the Land

In Capri, naturalness and refinement are two elements that magnificently coexist, creating a unique alchemy. Naturalness can be breathed by walking in the most hidden and typical streets of the island where nature’s scents recall so long forgotten atmospheres.  While the refinement and passion for the details lie in the combinations of colours and the elegantly refined hospitality. 


We are constantly doing our best to bring you these same feelings in our restaurant by proposing simple but effective dishes made only of authentic ingredients, re-elaborated with a touch of our creativity, made to be tasted in an exclusive location that will allow you to live the profound magic of this town by the sea.



"In no place on Earth are there so many opportunities for delicious peace and quiet as on this small island"

- Charles Dickens -

The Restaurant

The most precious diamond of the most precious city

In the heart of the shopping area of the island, the Restaurant “Le Camerelle” is the perfect place to enjoy our cuisine under the warm Italian sun or to have a romantic candlelight dinner surrounded by the people you love. 

The professional and sophisticated hospitality, sobriety and elegance of the typically-coloured decorations perfectly match the simple but refined cuisine, capable of becoming unforgettable for our guests. A perfect equilibrium through which it is possible to rediscover the undistinguishable charm of Capri.

Our Recommendations

Suggestions from our Chef

The quality of the local ingredients is fundamental to rediscover the ancient and irreplaceable savours of the island, together with the dedication put while seeking combinations of elements that give birth to astonishing dishes. 

From the freshness of our Carpaccio to the ease of the Caprese Cake, the purity of the ingredients is what we care the most, elements that are interpreted in a modern key in order to offer you the most pure and charming experience of Capri, a combination of feelings and memories that you will hardly forget.  



TEL: +39 081 837 8677 

Via Camerelle 81, 80073

Capri (NA)

Mon - Sun

11.30 a.m. - 1.30 a.m.

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